Monika Ries adopted into the retirement after 38 years


In a ceremony Gerhard Daiger, the head of the company of the manufacturer for dental matrices Dr. Walser Dental, acknowledged Mrs Ries, who was adopted into the well-deserved retirement after almost 39-year faithful service to the company.

Monika Ries, who lives in Radolfzell, entered the company of "Dr. J. Walser Dental Fabrikation" Radolfzell in the Teggingerstraße under the management of Dr. Julius Walser as an assembly helper in 1973. Later the son, Dr. Gerhard Walser, began the management and after him his wife. Monika Ries took on the responsibility for the production of dental instruments in 1992 which she held until last.

After the company take-over in 1999 by Gerhard Daiger Mrs Ries worked for the first time under a managing director and owner who was not from the family Walser. In 1999 the company then transferred their corporate centre from the Teggingerstraße into the Fritz-Reichle-Ring. Another move followed already a year later. 

In his eulogy the managing director Gerhard Daiger highlighted that Mrs Ries has helped to carry and convert many change processes in the production until this day. The rearrangement to the new jobs after twice repeated moves and the introduction of the very effortful quality management system for medical products have to be mentioned here.

The owner appreciated the performances as well as the reliability and punctuality of Monika Ries which will be missed by the company. In the circle of the employees the head of the company also thanked Monika Ries with a bouquet of flowers and generous gift of money that she has remained faithful to the company for so long. He wished her the very best health and all the best for her further future.

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