New The Kids Set Walser® Matrices


Make your small patients feel happy! The Kids Set, ideal when things need to move fast. Applied with one hand movement in seconds.

Read here Voices of the enthusiasm of dentists who use our dental matrices for children.

In the treatment of two surface restorations and available interdental space, the X-shape matrix brings a relief - especially with children. Since with the X-shape sectional matrices nos. 1 and 13, two fillings on neighbour teeth can be made simultaneously.

In general, only one filling can be made per appointment due to their impatience. Not only the children will be pleased!

In case of MOD fillings the O-shape matrices nos. 5, 7, and 25 are particularly suitable.

The Kids Set Walser® matrices with forceps includes the following matrices:
1x #1, 1x #5, 1x #7, 1x #13, 1x #25

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