Dr. Walser Dental nominated for the Demography Excellence Award


In June, Dr. Walser Dental was invited to apply for the Demography Excellence Award. Recently, the company received a surprise written notice and was delighted that the dental instrument manufacturer was nominated and invited to the awards ceremony on October 10.

The Managing Director of Dr. Walser Dental, Senator Daiger, has to give a lecture about his commitment of the last 20 years on the day of the award ceremony on Petersberg. The award gala will take place in the Bonn guest house of the government. In the former guest house on the Petersberg near Bonn, the federal government, when the federal government was still in Bonn, accommodated its state guests high up on Petersberg. Here stayed for example Queen Elizabeth II, Mikhail Gorbachev, Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton. State guests were also able to fly directly to the guesthouse by helicopter, as there was a suitable landing site.

For the tenth time in 2018, the Demography Excellence Award will be presented. He is recognition for achievements and at the same time inspiration for the future.

The demographic development presents challenges for society, economy and politics, which demand pioneering solutions. After excellent, exemplary measures. For examples that inspire others to set off as well.

The promoters of the initiative want to create a new awareness of the megatrend "demographic change", sharpen the view of the operational impact and present successful projects. The focus is on the Demography Excellence Award. Every year, it honors corporate and personnel policy lighthouse projects as well as demographic-oriented products, services and network activities.

The award is given since 2009 and is aimed at companies of all sizes and industry affiliations as well as organizations, corporations and associations. In addition, the sponsors of the initiative follow the evolution of demographic change through regular studies and inform companies and the public about it. Since 2015, the work of the initiative is organized in a registered association.

The initiative is sponsored by the Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater (BDU). The partners are Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) and Kienbaum Consultants International.

Logo and Source: Demography Excellence e.V.