Pastor Pohl from Bethel, who was awarded the NRW Order of Merit says thanks


For the donation of Dr. Walser Dental with a large number of stamps and albums the chairman of the v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel, Pastor Ulrich Pohl, says thank you.

The state of North Rhine-Westphalia has honored Pastor Ulrich Pohl with an Order of Merit. Prime Minister Armin Laschet presented the awards at the Historical City Hall in Aachen.

The CDU politician described Bethels' Chairman of the Board of Management, as a "manager with a Christian compass for whom people are always at the center of attention". In his ten years as Bethel's boss, he had succeeded in breaking down prejudices against socially disadvantaged people and building bridges. "Ulrich Pohl is a 'fisherman of men' who succeeds in winning people for the work of Bethel and thus above all for the people who are dependent on support and help in Bethel," said the Prime Minister in his laudation. "Don't talk about people, but talk to people," was his motto.

The NRW Order of Merit is one of the state's highest awards and was established in 1986 to mark the state's 40th birthday. It is awarded to citizens in recognition of their extraordinary services to the community and their commitment to society.

Letter of thanks from Pastor Ulrich Pohl:

"Dear Mr. Daiger,

Thank you very much for your stamp donation - 18 stockbooks with stamps from German and international collecting areas, starting with Old Germany, German Reich to Euro. Especially beautiful, a clip folder "Alderney", 14 ring binders and clear pockets with first day covers Bund and Berlin, thousands of loose stamps on paper and already partly washed, for our kilo goods - which reached us unharmed. They have brought great joy to the employees in the Bethel stamp processing department.

Some people may think it is only a small thing to cut out stamps and send them to Bethel. But for us your sending has a great importance. Because every stamp donation helps to preserve valuable jobs for disabled people. Your gift contributes a lot to the fact that about 130 people with disabilities can pursue meaningful employment.

The preparation of the many stamps from all over the world is a very demanding task and one of the reasons why these jobs are so popular with disabled employees. They not only earn their own money, but also feel needed and valued. In this way, your donation of small stamps has a great impact.

With a heartfelt thank you for your gift, I greet you kindly from Bethel


Ulrich Pohl"

Source: v. Bodelschwinghsche Stiftungen Bethel, Bielefeld

Caption: Ministerpräsident Armin Laschet (li.) überreicht Pastor Ulrich Pohl die Auszeichnungen.

Picture: Elbracht, Bethel Bielefeld

Dr. Walser Dental congratulates Pastor Ulrich Pohl on the NRW Order of Merit and the awards.


Please support the donation of stamps:

All stamps, whether on postcards and envelopes, whether cut out or torn off, stamped or unstamped stamps from all countries (even the simple ones of the German Post) can be given or sent to Dr. Walser Dental GmbH at Fritz-Reichle-Ring 18 in Radolfzell/GERMANY.

Everybody can take part, because the stamp campaign is constantly going on.

Or direct delivery to address Bethel:

Briefmarkenstelle Bethel
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