Published into Journalistenexpress


The manufacturer of the dental matrix system, which is adapted with only one hand movement, was recently deemed worthy repeatedly in the magazine Journalistenexpress

The publisher of the magazine, the economy committee Germany e.V. in Berlin, published in the press review seven press reports at once about the Dr. Walser Dental, who is successful worldwide with their dental matrices.

Hereby the outstanding social and entrepreneurial competences of the Dr. Walser Dental and its owner were published and appreciated, because they serve the public welfare of the people in Germany by their performances in a special way.

The charitable corporation, the economy committee Germany e.V., is to be understood as a non profit organisation consisting of outstanding personalities from all areas of the economy, science and technology, culture and media, politics and diplomacy who the public welfare of their country as well as the continuance of the European Union are important in liberty and peace.

Global thinking, the social market economy, the democratic state, economy, education, training, promoting work and contribute to the international understanding lastingly, this is the credo of the politically independent economy committee Germany e.V. founded in May 2004 in Berlin, connection office to the German Bundestag and EU parliament.

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