Reuse filling material instead of disposing of it


The Managing Director of Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, has taken up the cause of environmental protection since the company takeover about 20 years ago, not to have any filling material produced for the company.

Dr. Walser Dental has been collecting filling materials over the years, such as bubble pads and polystyrene flakes, which have already been used by other companies for deliveries. These fillers have been produced with high material and energy expenditure and are mostly disposed of after a single use, although they could be easily reused. The Dr. Walser Dental uses this filling material for its worldwide deliveries in more than 100 countries and also gives away filling material if required.

To make a contribution to environmental protection here, Dr. Walser Dental sought and found various sources that actively support this project; because the manufacturer of dental instruments needs filling materials for its worldwide deliveries to over 100 countries.

For example, the teaching staff of the Wilhelm-Bläsig-Schule at the Hegau-Jugendwerk in Gailingen on the Upper Rhine, a neurological hospital and rehabilitation center for children, adolescents and young adults, participate in the collecting campaign. In recent years, the teaching staff of the School have made a significant contribution to Dr. Walser Dental was able to implement its plan to protect the environment and resources.

Since 1972, the Hegau-Jugendwerk has been fulfilling a special social mission in the care of children, adolescents and young adults with neurological damage as a model institution with its own hospital school. Beginning with the acute treatment and early rehabilitation, the Jugendwerk treats patients through all phases of neurological rehabilitation. The aim is to support the patients and rehabilitants so that they can achieve everyday ability to act, social participation and an improvement in the quality of life and the development of new life perspectives. Further information:

The management of Dr. Walser Dental would like to give thanks at this point for the regular support and donation of filling materials.

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