Already the sixth new dental dealer since June alone


Dr. Walser Dental is pleased to announce the sixth new, high-quality dental dealer in 2019 for its Walser® tooth matrices, which are unique in the world and handmade in Germany in the factory of Dr. Walser Dental itself.

Since June of this year alone, Dr. Walser Dental has added new dental dealers in the Philippines, Kosovo, Great Britain, Singapore, Romania and now Bulgaria.

These dental dealers also make direct demonstrations using Walser® models in clinics, universities and at dental fairs. Thus, like Dr. Walser Dental within direct demonstrations worldwide, they create enthusiasm for the Walser® tooth matrices, which are placed in seconds with a single hand movement.

These dental dealers were selected from the many enquiries that Dr. Walser Dental regularly receives, above all because of their professional appearance, high-quality service to their customers and friendly communication. Thus precisely due to the values for which Dr. Walser Dental itself is known to its customers in more than 120 countries.

Together, the six new dental dealers supply and support well over 10,000 dentists. In addition, one of the dealers also has a training academy in 22 countries with trainers and over 10,000 course participants per year.

Photo: Werner Heiber on Pixabay

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