Donation for the promotion of youth fire brigade


Gerhard R. Daiger, managing director of the Dr. Walser Dental, whose Walser sectional matrix system is used worldwide, handed over a donation check in the amount of 1,000 euros to the commander of the fire brigade Singen, department Beuren an der Aach, Stephan Einsiedler.

The aim is to assist with the donation the development association of the volunteer fire department Beuren an der Aach e.V. that was founded on the 07/12/2014. The Foundation sees its civic and social task in promoting and maintaining the principles of voluntary fire fighting and youth work. It is paramount that every citizen is given the opportunity to express his interests, his cooperation and solidarity with the volunteer fire department Beuren a. d. A. and to assist them in carrying out their duties.

With the development association topics that are not paid financially by the City of Singen should be achieved. So the firefighters Beuren a. d. A. want to place themselves better in the population in order to constantly raise new active members and youth. Courses such as first responders, fire extinguisher training, first responders for babies, etc. were offered. They also provide training on topics such as education for fire prevention and appropriate firefighting measures as well as measures for fire prevention in the home. "The first major investment will be," so the commander of the volunteer fire department, Stephan Einsiedler, "that we buy a new floor for the tents of our youth fire brigade. The materials are procured and then it is to lend a hand."

In addition the financial resources for procurement of materials are used for the creation of attractive young firefighter practices, to maintain the camaraderie and the further refinement of the social spaces of the new depot. However, events such as the “chopping block food” and actions such as the scrap collection should be carried out by the development association. With a low annual fee of € 15 everybody can be member of the association or support the organization actively in its various activities alone or with in-kind donations.

Background info for the volunteer fire department Singen, department Beuren an der Aach:

The fire department was founded in 1940 by the citizens. At that time the military men had only a hand sprayer available. Only with the active support of the citizens, the fire water could be transported from the Aach via a human chain into the hand sprayers. In the early seventies the firefighters Beuren got a syringe carrying vehicle. Today, the department has a weir members stand of 8 women and 34 men and 4 age-mates. This high status of members is due to the good youth work. Since the establishment of the youth fire brigade on 07/07/2003 20 young people were taken to active duty.

Caption: f.l.t.r. Senator h. c. Gerhard R. Daiger, CEO of Dr. Walser Dental, Stephan Einsiedler, 1. Board, Mike Belcke, 2. Board, Hubert Roth, Deputy Division commander, Christina Salewski, youth group leader, Selina Einsiedler, Mike Bruttel. Front row: Maxine Rehm, Celine Rehm

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