28 000 EURO for UNICEF vaccination fundraiser


Through the District Vaccination Centre Singen and the practicing doctors, approximately 28 000 Euro donations have been collected so far for the initiative of UNICEF for the worldwide fair distribution of COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Walser Dental has supported this fundraising campaign.

The COVAX fundraising campaign "ONE FOR ME - ONE FOR YOU" was supported by the UNICEF local group together with the practicing doctors and the Singen District Vaccination Centre. In the period from the beginning of June to the end of August, the Singen District Vaccination Centre collected a total of 22 232.68 euros in vaccination donations for UNICEF. District Administrator Zeno Danner presented the donation check to Inge Amschewitz from the UNICEF Constance working group. "I would like to thank the director of the District Vaccination Centre Jens Bittermann for his great commitment and all those who donated. Without them, this considerable sum would not have been collected," said Inge Amschewitz.

Approximately 6 000 euros have been collected so far from doctors in private practice in the Constance district, and there are still donation boxes in ten of the 15 participating practices. "Thus, within the framework of the COVAX project, with the donations from the district vaccination centre and the doctors' practices, it will be possible in total to provide around 5 384 people in developing countries with complete vaccination protection against Covid-19," says Jens Bittermann, head of the district vaccination centre in Singen.

COVAX was created to distribute the vaccine equitably to all people in the world. Together with the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Commission and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), UNICEF is committed to providing vaccinations, especially to people in the 92 poorest countries worldwide. With a donation of just 5.20 euros, it is possible to help another person in these countries to receive a complete immunization.

"The Corona pandemic affects us not only locally but globally. Therefore, we can only defeat it together. Vaccination is the surest way out of the pandemic. Especially because of the virus mutations, the vaccination campaign must be thought and implemented globally. Every donation and vaccination helps," said District Administrator Zeno Danner.

Source: Landratsamt Konstanz

We would be pleased if you would also support this fundraising campaign.

Here is the donation account:

IBAN: DE07 3702 0500 3030 4436 45
Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
Reference: COVAX-Impfaktion 

Thank you very much for your support,
Your Dr. Walser Dental

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