Chosen to top 100 product in the USA


Dr. Walser Dental, manufacturer of dental matrices, was elected with its Walser dental matrices in the top 100 by the biggest tooth medical special magazine Dentistry Today as product of the year 2008 in the USA.


Already in 2006 the Dr. Walser Dental was chosen as the first medical engineering company in Germanyin the innovation success into to the top 10 at top 100. In 2007 again top 100 enterprise, in 2007 under the top 3 of the "International Best Factory Award" and this year the manufacturer for dental instruments even received the industry prize 2008.

After thorough choice and extensive conversations and negotiations two years ago in Cologne the Dr. Walser Dental om Radolfzell could gain a meaningful dental dealer in the USA for the marketing of its dental products. Many preparations were necessary for the market entry, so the managing director Gerhard R. Daiger. Although the operating instructions are available in 5 languages, so they are existing also in English, nevertheless new special operating instructions had to be written for the

In the USA there are other laws and regulations than on the remaining world market, according to Daiger. So the Dr. Walser Dental engaged specialists, which are specialized in operating instructions for the U.S. market and advocates for USA right, who draw up the contracts to cover the various risks.

The Walser products have spread under the special audience in the USA in shortest time. Only recently one of the best dentists of the USA, Dr. Snyder, who was interviewed in front of a running camera by a specialist journalist, introduced the Walser dental matrix system at a dental fair in California. So after a short time entirely surprising the Dr. Walser Dental got this high award top 100 product of the year 2008 in the USA.

"We change the dental market in the USA by bringing in products to this market which make the daily work of the dentist easier. By use of e.g. our developed Walser matrix system, which the dentist uses for fillings, he saves a lot of the time and money. With only one hand movement this so-called matrix is put over the tooth and spans automatically around the tooth after release of the Walser matrix forceps. The matrix serves virtually as a shuttering for the time period during which a filling is placed. No complicated application by screwing and spanning is required here, and precious time that plays more and more an important role, also doesn't get lost, so Daiger.

However, the dentist not only save time and money but the Walser dental matrix is also an ideal cotton roll holder and the patient can close his mouth and bite. The dentists primarily value the "fast matrices", however, since they are particularly suitable for children. Children are often afraid of the dentist, are impatient and fidget around in the doctor's chair. And the Walser matrix is placed within seconds and the filling can be brought in directly. Just with conventional matrix systems at least two hands and some grips are necessary, which require time and patience on both sides.

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