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 Patented Walser inlay- and pin tweezers
Inlay- & pin tweezers adapted from Dr. Walser Information

Small Aseptor-cassette with 1 frame and 10 clamps
Aseptor-Cassette Junior Length: 5.5 inches
Equipment: 1 frame, 10 clamps Information

Large Aseptor-cassette with 2 frames and 10 clamps
Aseptor-Cassette Length: 7.1. inches
Equipment: 2 frames, 10 clamps Information

12 aseptor clamps for aseptor-cassette
12 Aseptor clamps

1 Frame for Walser aseptor-cassette
1 frame for Aseptor-cassette

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1. Sets         2. Refill packs         3. Accessories

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