New tooth matrices for one-sided deep caries


Dr. Walser Dental GmbH, which produces the X-, O-shape and front tooth matrices in 25 different sizes for the upper and lower jaw as well as special shapes, has developed by dentists two new dental matrices. 

Dentists approached the managing director Gerhard Daiger and so he fiddled until he had the solution. WALSER® Matrices are worldwide a concept for filling matrices of the highest quality and the simplest handling since 1948. This ingenious system of filling matrices was developed from the practice for the practice. Decades of practical and scientific experiences were brought into these selftensing matrices by a steady development of various fits into this today perfect system of the WALSER® Matrices.

There are WALSER® Matrices in 25 different sizes with band heights of 5 to 8 mm in refills with 5 pieces each. In addition, the assortments of 18 and 25 matrices (for progressed) are also offered with and without forceps. The principal advantages of the matrices and the special forceps, which are worldwide in use with ten thousands dentists, are their simple and fast application. I.e. the matrix is placed and removed within few seconds and sits save like a corset and adapts to the conical tooth forms automatically. Furthermore they are particularly estimated because of their high tension, despite the very thin bands (0,05 mm) and their durability. The two new matrices are the so-called matrix no. 10c and 6c. The no. 10c is very similar to the matrix no. 10 and the no. 6c is very similar to the no. 7 which are an integral part of the production programme.

However one side of the band of those matrices is approx. 3 mm longer apically. There is often the problem just at one-sided deep caries that the matrix band is too short and the user had provisionally to manage with prolonging the band here. The manufacturer has closed an application gap here. The new matrices were prolonged on one side so that they can be used at one-sided deep caries. The new WALSER® Matrices no. 10c and no. 6c were assumed enthusiastically by the dentists.

Read the case study of a dentist published in the Zm (Zahnärztliche Mitteilungen, Germany, issue 3/2001).

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