"Best of" Industry Award 2015 for Walser® Dental Matrix


The Walser® Dental Matrix for biplane fillings has been awarded as "Best of" in the category medical engineering and belongs to the best of the Industry Award 2015.

The innovative Walser® Dental Matrix convinced the top-class jury consisting of professors, scientists, industry representatives, experts and editors particularly and thus and thus belongs to the top of all applications submitted.

Already last year and the year before, Dr. Walser Dental has been awarded as one of the best for their innovative dental matrices.

A handle. Click. Sitting: Unlike traditional matrices and sectional matrices, the Walser® Matrix gets placed and removed with a single hand movement. In seconds! Walser® Matrices are easy to sterilize and can be used multiple times.

In the treatment of two biplane fillings and existing interdental space, the X-shape matrix brings a real relief - especially with children. Because with the Walser® X-shape matrices two biplane fillings can be placed simultaneously. Usually only one filling can be placed with children due to their impatience. In addition, the matrix fits cervically automatically directly after the insertion.

As our economy-calculator shows up to € 4,000 can be saved per year in a practice in relation to the use of sectional matrices and over € 8,000 compared to the use of screwing systems.

The number of judges ensures an objective evaluation and makes the Industry Award so unique. As in previous years a lot of companies have applied in the 14 categories.

The Industry Award was awarded for the ninth time. The renowned jury of experts reviewed the submissions on their technological, environmental, economic and social benefits.

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