Certificate from Prime Minister Baden-Württemberg to manufacturers dental matrix system


For his extraordinary voluntary engagement in the honorary office, the owner of the Dr. Walser Dental Radolfzell, Gerhard Daiger, became honoured by the prime minister of the country Baden-Württemberg. He received a certificate for the successful participation in the competition "Echt gut! Ehrenamt in Baden-Württemberg 2009".

Senator h.c. Gerhard R. Daiger fights for the 3rd world with fund-raising campaigns since 1993. He invites the population and institutions regularly to take part in it. The proceeds by the sale of very large sets of stamps and the auction of valuable stamp albums are of benefit to training vacancies of teenagers in India and Tanzania. But also at Amnesty International, where Daiger is a member, he helped prisoners worldwide who are innocently locked in prisons and contacted embassies and governments in the respective countries.

Since 1995 Gerhard R. Daiger also regularly supports unemployed and businessmen free of charge in all questions of the business start-up and safeguarding. Mainly it is all about to protect young enterprise, who are inexperienced, from erroneous decisions and social difficulties. But he also supports enterprises which are already longer on the market and are in a "difficult situation". Some of the founders of new businesses were unemployed. "These have a hard time", said Daiger, "since they have usually to care for a family."

As owner of the Dr. Walser Dental in Radolfzell, Daiger is daily integrated into enterprise processes and is in conversation with negotiating parties, customers, suppliers and specialists: Through this he has experiences for many years with corporate management and business deals in more than 80 countries of the world. To deliver this enterprise philosophy fast, absolutely reliably and on time as well as orientate himself on the customer and the markets, to adapt oneself to the customer and not the other way round and to be socially engaged, this he gives the imploring on the way.

The Land government Baden-Württemberg with support of ENBW Energie Baden-Württemberg AG, the Sparkassen Verband Baden-Württemberg and the state foundation association Baden Württemberg started a competition already for the sixth time, where under the motto „Echt gut! – Ehrenamt in Baden Württemberg“, outstanding activities in the field of the honorary office and the civic engagement are honoured.


Foto: all4foto/Baumann 

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