Donation of dental instruments for clinic in Africa


Dr. Walser Dental donated dental instruments for the hospital in Chimoio in Africa.

Through a call for donations of the dentist Dr. Volker Schwanitz from Nossen, Dr. Walser Dental became aware of the emergency situation of the Hospital Provincial de Chimoio in Africa and donated urgently needed dental instruments.

Dr. Schwanitz worked as a dentist in the People's Republic of Mozambique in Chimoio from 1985 to 1986. Chimoio is the capital of the province of Manica and is located in the centre of the country. His work was based on a contract between the ministries of health and was supported by the government of the German Democratic Republic.

During these years, relief supplies as well as the delegation of specialists became regular bases of medical care for the population of Mozambique. After 33 years, Dr. Schwanitz has visited Chimoio and "his" department of dentistry in the Hospital Provincial de Chimoio and has encountered very difficult conditions. Practically everything is missing. The staff trained by him and his team can currently only extract teeth. Fillings, dentures or endodontic measures are practically impossible. From the state side the care can hardly be realized.

So he flew to Mozambique on 26/12/2019 and explained and handed over the donated materials and equipment on 28/12/19. Already the next day he flew back to Germany. The staff of the Hospital Provincial de Chimoio explained that they have never been provided with such a selfless initiative before, they are very grateful for it and appreciate it very much. 

Dr. Walser Dental admires the commitment of Dr. Schwanitz and wishes him and his team many supporters and all the best.

Source: Dr. Volker Schwanitz 

Foto: Valéria Rodrigues Valéria

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