Support for school in Africa


Dr. Walser Dental financially supports the Shak Junior School in Uganda, which is urgently in need of financial donations. The money is acutely needed to buy a school bus.

The former headmaster of the primary school in Beuren a.d.A., Klaus Gresser, recently worked for the Senior Expert Service (SES) Bonn as an expert for school development in Uganda. There his task was to advise and support the Shak Junior School with affiliated kindergarten in Bulabakulu.

Arriving there, he encountered incredible, almost unimaginable conditions under which teachers have to do their work. After his return, it was clear to him that he had to help the people there, the staff of the school, the children, the parents, in the long term. So the idea was born to create a circle of helpers and supporters for the Shak Junior School. The idea is to visit the school community in Uganda regularly (school development is a long-term matter) and support them from home.

The former headmaster Klaus Gresser and the managing director of Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, know each other through an earlier project, which Klaus Gresser carried out very successfully and which Dr. Walser Dental supported financially. Gerhard Daiger now also supports this new project in Uganda.

The purchase of a school bus is urgently needed. Bulabakulu is rural and the children come from far away. They have to be brought to school and transported back home every day by the only school van. There is no public transport system. The road network is in a pathetic, catastrophic state. The roads are not tarred and, compared to Germany, they are not even like dirt roads. Deepest grooves and holes, poorly visible depressions and heights are a constant danger.

When it rains, whole streets are impassable and detours have to be sought. The bad condition means that the trips take a long time, as many places can often only be passed at walking pace. For reasons of cost, the children have to be "stacked" in the small van (seven-seater). Partly in threes the little ones sit on top of each other. One child (usually already asleep) is held on the lap of the passenger, another is between the legs, and two others are between the passenger seat and the driver seat. It can happen that the bus driver also has a child on his lap! So between 21 and 28 children "fit" into the bus!

If you would like to find out how and why every donation arrives well and how sustainable this project with all its various problem areas is and how you can support it, please visit the website Friends and Supporters of the SHAK JUNIOR SCHOOL

Source and photo : Klaus Gresser

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