World champion congratulates the manufacturer for dental matrices Dr. Walser Dental


Regina Halmich, the multiple unbeaten punching world champion, congratulates the Dr. Walser Dental, who is honoured for the second time with the certificate participant SME Award 2008 for social responsibility in Baden-Württemberg, awarded by the patrons Minister of Trade and Commerce Ernst Pfister and bishop Dr. Gebhard Fürst.

Today Gerhard R. Daiger, owner of the Dr. Walser Dental, whose dental matrix system is successfully worldwide, was honoured in the house of the economy in Stuttgart for the voluntary engagement which is going beyond the real business activity, in front of almost 500 guests from politics and economy and is con-shaper of a social future in Baden-Württemberg.

Into partnership with the Ministry of Trade and Commerce Baden-Württemberg the SME Award for social responsibility is a project of Caritas in Baden-Wurttemberg. An eleven-man jury which was appointed "high-carat personalities from economy and society" decided on the prize-winners.

The prize is accompanied scientifically by the institute for Social marketing in Stuttgart. Under the name "LEA - performance - engagement - recognition" the voluntary social engagement of medium-sized enterprises became deemed worthy and moved in the focus of the attention in this evening. Mentioned were projects of enterprises, who contribute together with a welfare association, a social organisation, initiative or facilities for the solution of public and social problem definitions in the areas of work and education, integration, family as well as culture and sports.

The managing director of the Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, showed commitment for over 15 years for independent, founders of a new business and unemployed for free. For him it is primarily about the protection of the families; entrepreneurs get fast into financial difficulties by erroneous decisions as well as order and payment failures. The family suffers from it enormously. He gives valuable supports in the corporate management and safeguarding. 

Among other things Daiger collected stamps on a grand scale, recently even thousands of glasses for the 3rd world. He regularly asks citizens in the region to donate stamps. Kolping Cologne gets all stamps for auction. The proceeds of the stamp albums and single stamps are of benefit to teenagers in Tanzania and India for who it is the only chance through this to get a training vacancy.

The Dr. Walser Dental, who is also a member of Amnesty International, has further projects for third world countries in planning as well as a prize award to graduates (unique in Germany) for their social engagement.

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