Enthusiastic dentists and students at the EXPODENTAL in Madrid


The team of Dr. Walser Dental fascinated the visitors, who still visited the booth two hours after the end of the fair, until the security staff accompanied them outside.

After all, in comparison to the previous EXPODENTAL in Madrid, 31 percent more dentists decided to work with Walser matrices from now on, due to the many advantages. Even far after the fair closed on the last day, Dr. Walser Dental received orders from enthusiastic dentists who wish to work with Walser matrices, like tens of thousands of their colleagues in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Two hours after the end of the exhibition, dentists still watched the demonstrations of the dental matrices on the model until they were asked by the exhibition's security staff to leave the stand and the exhibition hall immediately.

The team of Dr. Walser Dental enjoyed the many visits and orders of dentistry students, too, who are fascinated by the simple and time-saving Walser matrix system, which they use in future in the universities and want to show their fellow students and professors.

Also in Madrid there were many wonderful reunions for the team of Dr. Walser Dental with enthusiastic users who reported on their positive experiences and thanked for this unique product.

The dentists showed particular interest in the new special matrices for one-sided deep, subgingival caries. Like all Walser matrices, these are placed in seconds with only one hand movement and adapt to the natural tooth shape automatically, in the cervical area as well. Usually, the dentist must extend the matrix in case of one-sided deep caries provisionally and cut individually. The special Walser matrix is extended on one side apically, eliminating the usual extra work for the dentist.

We thank you very much for the nice hours in Madrid and the many orders. We look forward to another successful EXPODENTAL in 2020, to which we cordially invite you by now.

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