Donation to foundation for heavy ill children


The managing director of the Dr. Walser Dental, Gerhard R. Daiger, donated 300.- € to the child hospice “Bärenherz” in Wiesbaden.

The “Bärenherz” foundation is a beneficial foundation of the private right which is dependent on donations to fulfil their rules purpose. At present the existing facilities, which are hospital and nursing charges financed only partly, getting approx. 2 m. euros distributed per annum, trend increasing. The “Bärenherz” foundation supports such facilities for families with children who have fallen ill incurably and have a little life expectancy. So child hospices are supported particularly.

At present, these are the child hospices in Wiesbaden, Markkleeberg near Leipzig and the child house “Nesthäkchen” in Heidenrod-Laufenselden in the Rheingau-Taunus circle, a duration care facility for 27 extremely handicapped persons and ill children, teenagers and young adults.

In 2014 the “Bärenherz” foundation got the Georg-August-Zinner-medallion as an award. The Hessian prime minister Volker Bouffier honoured the “Bärenherz” foundation with the Georg-August-Zinner-medallion "in recognition of their outstanding engagement". So is in the document: "The Bärenherz foundation renders an excellent and unaffordable service to the humanity. The child hospice Bärenherz offers a place of warmth and affection as well as a humane leave-taking".

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Source: Bärenherz foundation Wiesbaden

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