Gerhard Daiger is Senator and is awarded the coveted Economy Prize "Goldjupiter"


"Bundeswirtschaftspreis" goes for the first time to manufacturer of dental matrix system

Gerhard R. Daiger, owner of Dr. Walser Dental, whose dental matrices are successful worldwide, was awarded the "Ehrensenatorenwürde Senator h.c." on September 25, 2009 and at the same time the highest Economy Prize of the "Bundessenat", the "Goldjupiter". Chancellor Angela Merkel, Minister President Günther Oettinger and Minister of Economics Ernst Pfister, who delivered the welcome note, queued up with other congratulants.

What is the Oscar for the Hollywood actors, is the "Goldjupiter" for the German small and medium-sized businesses. The "Goldjupiter" shall symbolize the honourable principle of the Roman senate of the antiquity: "Demanding and promoting the youth, supporting the old". And this year's prize-winner of this popular troph