Manufacturer tooth matrices chosen in top 2 at the Industry Prize 2011


The Dr. Walser Dental was chosen into the top two at the Industry Prize 2011 in the category medical engineering with the new WALSER dental matrix forceps.

From 14 categories the best products, solutions and services from the industry of over 500 companies were honoured by a special jury. The manufacturer for dental instruments had been nominated for the industry price with their newly developed matrix forceps in which the dental matrix now clicks and gets operated safely.

Winners were chosen into 14 categories from drive and fluidics over automotive, biotechnology, electrical engineering, energy & environment, research & development, to suppliers. The best total performance, the outstanding product under all facilities became deemed worthy with the complete victory of this year's Industry Prize.

The expert jury, consisting of scientists, professors, specialist journalists, industry-specific and industry experts, judged all submitted products after fixed criteria like innovation salary, product or industry use.

The German Industry Prize is already awarded for the sixth time in sequence by the Huber Verlag für Neue Medien - a prize of entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Novelties which convince a future-oriented intellect as well as particularly high functionality are honoured.

The submitted ideas and concepts, product further developments or real market novelties are always judged after the criteria future orientation and future suitability for the market as well as product maturity to the Status-Quo. The special jury in addition looks at parameters like the recognizable use for the target market as well as the effect on the profitability for the using enterprise: An innovation qualifies for the Industry Prize if through this processes, resources and costs can be saved.

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