Manufacturer of dental matrices "Oskar" nominated 2010    


The manufacturer for dental matrices and dental instruments was nominated for the 4th time in sequence for the "Oskar" of the small and medium-sized businesses and counts furthermore in 2010 to top enterprise in the country.

The finalists for Baden-Württemberg are announced together with Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Hessen on September 18th in the maritime hotel Würzburg/Germany where the award takes place for the 16th time.

The Dr. Walser Dental, represented by Senator h.c. Gerhard R. Daiger, had to present after request extensive documents which had to contain besides economic, innovative and small and medium-sized businesses oriented points of view also ecological, social and honorary criteria. 

Together with the chambers of industry and commerce (IHK), trade corporations (HWK), regional councils, towns and municipalities the Oskar-Patzelt foundation in Leipzig is the sponsor of the competition in cooperation with ministries and many other institutions and associations as well as media.

The "Grand Prix of the small and medium-sized businesses" has developed to the most important German small and medium-sized businesses competition since the first lending in 1995. The entrepreneurial small and medium-sized businessess have created millions of new and additional jobs despite of crisis world-economic and economic developments within the last few years. However, these tremendous performances are hardly perceived in public. This competition contributes to the public perception and appreciation of the small and medium-sized businesses, forwards the network formation in the small and medium-sized businesses and popularizes successful examples.

With the nomination of companies for this competition communes, institutions and associations connect economy support and regional marketing effectively with each other. Regional juries of the twelve competitive regions and a final jury are making the decision for the award. At present more than 200 persons are actively committed in 13 juries.

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