New dental distributor for tooth matrices also in Brazil


Due to a high number of enquiries in spring via Instagram, the dealer has become aware of us.

We received countless enquiries from dentists from Brazil via Instagram who had contacted us because of their enthusiasm about Walser® matrices. This is also how a dental dealer from São Paulo became aware of us and contacted us with great interest. He had already purchased dental instruments from us 40 years ago through another dealer in Brazil. Two of our existing customers have warmly recommended this dealer.

The dental distributor is based in São Paulo, Brazil's largest city. The metropolis is the largest financial centre in Brazil and with over 12 million inhabitants it is one of the most populous cities in the world. Its dimensions with suburbs are about 100 km from east to west and 70 km from north to south. Many of the largest international and national companies have their Latin American headquarters here.

A first order with demo products and refill packs for Walser® matrices was already sent to Brazil in July, for courses and training of dentists as well as specialist sales staff.

We are looking forward to a long and good cooperation, so that even more dentists worldwide will benefit from the easy and fast handling of our Walser® dental matrices in their daily work. Since Walser® matrices, which have just been awarded "Best of 2021" at the Industry Award 2021, can be used to place dental fillings in half the time and with just one hand movement, these dental matrices are becoming increasingly important in times of Corona.

Click here for the address of the dental dealer

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