New Walser Dental Matrix and rubber dam clamp forceps


The new Walser Dental Matrix Forceps with its large span, made from the finest stainless steel, fits even better in your hand.

The newly developed forceps tips snap with the front notches already on the sterilization tray directly in the dental matrix during clamping. As a result, each of the self-tensioning matrices gets out more precise and safe.

At each tilting or rotational movement the matrix gets now also moved accurately in the desired position. The placement and removal of the matrix is done with just one hand movement in a few seconds.

The dental matrix forceps has two functions into one, as it can also be used for the insertion of many rubber dam clamps.

By the slightly pear-shaped and shapely design of the grips the forceps now fits even better also in smaller hands.

The dental matrix and rubber dam clamp forceps is now available at each dental dealer or directly from us.

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