New: Walser® Dental Matrix for biplane fillings


A handle. Click. Sit: Unlike traditional matrices and sectional matrices a Walser Matrix can be placed or removed with one single hand movement. In seconds!

Walser® Matrices are easy to sterilize and can be used several times.

In the treatment of two biplane fillings and existing interdental space, the X-shape matrix brings a real relief - especially with children. Because with Walser® X-shape matrices two adjacent teeth fillings can be placed simultaneously. Usually only one filling can be placed with children due to their impatience.

The functionality of the new X-shape matrix has been improved, it now fits automatically cervical on the tooth directly after insertion.

As our economy-calculator shows you can save in your practice over 8,000 euros a year compared to the use of sectional matrices and around 4,000 euros compared to the use of screwing systems.

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