New Walser® Dental Matrix for last teeth fits disto-cervical automatically


A handle. Click. Sitting: Unlike conventional matrices and sectional matrices you can put or remove a Walser Dental Matrix with a single hand movement. In seconds!

The ON-shape matrix is ideal for such cases. It fits disto-cervical automatically, is comfortably placed in seconds with one hand movement, prevents from over-stuffing and saves you from grinding away of surplus. No. 24 even holds over the rubber dam clamp. While conventional matrices must be manually adjusted to the conical tooth shape with wedges, so they fit at all cervical, the Walser Matrix spans by itself perfectly on the tooth and has a very good position. You must seldom use wedges. At the same time there is a shape of the filling.

The new ON-matrices were optimized so that they slip into even easier. They are sterilizable and reusable several times. As our economy-calculator shows you can save in your practice over € 8,000 a year compared to the use of sectional matrices.

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