Television crew of RTL at Dr. Walser Dental


Out of ten thousands of exhibited products, at the greatest dental exhibition worldwide, Dr. Walser Dental was elected with its innovation into the "12 highlights."

The television crew of RTL visited Dr. Walser Dental recently, for a detailed shooting of the innovative and from experts elected product-highlight and for composing background information.

Reason of the visit by the television crew of RTL was the election of Dr. Walser Dental, at the recently proceeded International Dental Show, for its „highlight“, the innovative matrix for most posterior teeth. Previously a special agentry had narrowed down the choice of the exhibited products. Domain experts had taken another test on this preselection and determined the „12 highlights“.

The following day another television crew visited Dr. Walser Dental and filmed the innovative matrix in great detail, too, and furthermore asked for all the background information about the function and the many advantages of the product.

Already a day previous to the exhibition, the innovation at the booth of Dr. Walser Dental caused a press hype by the local media, the specialized press and freelance dental journalists from Europe.

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